Thursday, November 06, 2008


In search of pure love
you sailed through the ocean
ocean of life full of mysteries
many a time you were drowned
as you danced to the rhythm of life

but again your desire for love
kept you going
until one day.......
you found the precious pearl
the pearl of love and beauty
your life was a complete love
but then........
the nature worked the opposite
again you were drowned
in the cruelty of the ocean
the precious pearl of love and beauty
slipped away from your tight embrace
once again you started your journey
sailing through the ocean of life
in search of love
is there an ending?


  1. When its pure love..nothing matters, i feel Venus..

    there is no sense of owning the pearl...or belongingness to a holding hand

    one knows all this will pass..
    yet one tries to find joy in the present, infact in a single moment 'the now'

    and then if its pure love, its nothing but your life. One day that too shall pass..may be even before you...

    death has been so near these days, one needs to talk in these terms..please do not see it a negativity...i will perhaps have a post on some day soon.

    btw, CKW is updated. was looking for you...


  2. not at all, the quest never ends and that is life as an adventure with finding and loosing the part of it.


  3. It comes and goes...but it's worth it. :)

    Nice poem!

  4. is there an ending, meanwhile let's enjoy the journey!

  5. Everything will cease one day, but until then it will never come to an end.

  6. Never ending journey... lucky arethe ones who even have pearl of love may b even for a time being in their hands to hold n feel the warmth..

    Nice Poetry :))

    Take care

  7. pure love is a crazy dreamer's dream...

    yet, one can find it -- In GOD himself, may be in angelic you :-)

    came for a new one-- no problem. looking at this again,it made me think that much -- the thought is a repetition though :-)


  8. It would be difficult to imagine ever finding love like this again.

  9. Yes. I think there is an end. When we stop searching and start realizing that the only faithful companion we have is our consciousness.

    Nice one Venus. :)