Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Sitting all alone
Under the blue sky
Witnessed by the moon
And the galaxy of stars
Sitting all alone
In the silence of darkness
A scent of cool breeze
Gently hit the graceful waves
Sitting all alone
Engaged within my thoughts
Only me and my solitude
Moments of bliss and peace.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

N..ew or ever fresh the unique meaning of your name
A..n idealistic being with a sensitive nature who desires for culture and the refinements of life
V..ery often seen with a broad smile and a big laughter
E..ach and everyone around feels the love and your warm affection
E..ver friendly, kind, helpful and a man of action full of good vibes
N..ever once change the person you are as you are God's gift to this world. Since 18th. July is your official date of birth, you deserve my sincere wish of HAPPY BIRTHDAY deep down from my heart. May God showers you with his abundant blessings.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Goodbye my friend

Time flies…
It makes me sad
Time flies…
So very quickly
Like the river that flows
Like the tides that change
I know…
nothing stays the same
this time it’s just not fair
I feel like I just met you
now you have to move away
Time flies…
It makes me sad
I have learnt a bunch
You have been a great Master
You have been an amazing friend
I wish you could stay
I wish to learn more
you have to go
I pray we will keep in touch
I cherish you a bunch
Although our time been short
please know…
I love you very much
you are always in my heart
Time flies…
It makes me sad
I will miss you a bunch
You have been a good listener
You have been a shoulder to lean on
Please know…
I will always be here too
a friend to talk, to listen and to write
at the very least in spirit
if I am not in clear plaid sight
Email, write or call me
I will always lend an ear
I am always here my friend
Time flies…
It makes me sad
I hope our friendship lasts
the test of time
As I end this thought
I know there is so much more to say
I leave it for another day
I believe we will meet again one day
Last but not least
How lucky I am to have known someone
who was so hard to say goodbye to
I wish you all the best
in your future undertakings
be healthy, be happy
may God bless you
may your dreams come true
Love you as always my dear Master, my dear friend.

Friday, September 11, 2015

New Life

XX or XY are united
that is how it started
in the world of darkness
fully secured in the cocoon
with tender loving care
a sudden movement felt
a strange new experience
a wonderful joy indeed
balance diet
nutritious food
is what been advised
day and night
counting days without fail
awaits the new life new day
finally, is the day
with a loud scream and cry
a new world full of brightness
tears of joy in everyone
a hearty welcome to a NEW LIFE.

Monday, May 04, 2015

you may not know
how much do I respect you
but......I surely do
you may not know
how much do I appreciate you
but......I surely do
you may not know
how much do I care for you
but......I surely do
you may not know
how good do I feel being in touch with you
but......I surely do
you may not know
how divine do I feel deep inside
but......I surely do
you may not know
how special you are to me
but......you surely are
you may not realize
how beautiful this friendship is
but...... surely it is
you may not know
how precious your friendship is
but......surely it is
just want you to know
your friendship means a lot to me
a friend you are to me now and forever
love you always my friend.

Saturday, January 03, 2015


is not about....
how long you know a person
what race, religion or nationality you are
how rich or poor you are
is not even about...
what languages you speak
it's simply about...
being comfortable with each other
it's about...
a special bond and feelings
it's about...
being caring, loving and understanding
it's about...
sharing, respecting and tolerating
it's about...
correcting, motivating and guiding each other
and there are many more
last but not least...
trusting and being honest.
I am truly glad...
I have found all those in you.
Thank you my friends.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Fated~ 21st. Wedding Anniversary~ 2nd. June
30 minutes gone
waited in anxiety
60 minutes gone
started to worry
90 minutes gone
waited and waited
120 minutes gone
total stranger appeared
"He wants to talk," my sister said
tongue completely tied
a long silence......
eyes shied away
thank you mirror mirror on the wall
saw the stranger's reflection
gathered the courage
gained the confidence
uttered a few words
voice trembled, I mumbled
"Caught in the traffic," he said
why......you came?
"I like the question," he said
I smiled
I started to laugh
he too
"Wait a minute," he said
" I am staying for lunch," he said
I was confused
I didn't know what was in his mind
"I like her," he said to his mum
no invitation
no sign
no insistent
no dream
it just happened
"Love at first sight," he said
first experience, new experience
"I feel the same," I said
21 years ago......
arranged marriage that's how it started
sweet memories forever.