Friday, October 02, 2015

Goodbye my friend

Time flies…
It makes me sad
Time flies…
So very quickly
Like the river that flows
Like the tides that change
I know…
nothing stays the same
this time it’s just not fair
I feel like I just met you
now you have to move away
Time flies…
It makes me sad
I have learnt a bunch
You have been a great Master
You have been an amazing friend
I wish you could stay
I wish to learn more
you have to go
I pray we will keep in touch
I cherish you a bunch
Although our time been short
please know…
I love you very much
you are always in my heart
Time flies…
It makes me sad
I will miss you a bunch
You have been a good listener
You have been a shoulder to lean on
Please know…
I will always be here too
a friend to talk, to listen and to write
at the very least in spirit
if I am not in clear plaid sight
Email, write or call me
I will always lend an ear
I am always here my friend
Time flies…
It makes me sad
I hope our friendship lasts
the test of time
As I end this thought
I know there is so much more to say
I leave it for another day
I believe we will meet again one day
Last but not least
How lucky I am to have known someone
who was so hard to say goodbye to
I wish you all the best
in your future undertakings
be healthy, be happy
may God bless you
may your dreams come true
Love you as always my dear Master, my dear friend.


  1. It's not easy to get or miss a friend. Hope you friendship with that special friend last forever... Nice poem dear :)

  2. Thank you dear Jeevan.


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