Friday, December 14, 2007

One last poem for year 2007

To be with you
Beyond the joy and laughter......
only heard the whispers......
the voice calling me......
the breeze pampering me......
to be with you.....
take me Lord.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some poems from my old collections. Will take a break. Will be back in January. Merry Christmas to one and all.

Flower blooms in hurry
bees relish her honey
soon lost her virginity
her life a hidden mystery.

Law of nature vs karma
Creator of heaven and earth
doubtful existence
disaster after disaster
fearful existence
fearful people on deadly earth
earth banished in a second
suffering after suffering
innocent people vanished in a moment
torture after torture
living corpse everywhere
Creator of heaven and earth
you the planner
you the observer
you the creator
you the demolisher
but why?
why the innocent people?
do you call it law of nature?
do you call it karma?
need an answer.

30 minutes gone
waited in anxiety
60 minutes gone
started to worry
90 minutes gone
waited and waited
120 minutes gone
total stranger appeared
"he wants to talk", my sister said
tongue completely tied
a long silence.......
eyes shied away
thank you mirror mirror on the wall
saw the strangers reflection
gathered the courage
gained the confidence
uttered a few words
voice trembled
I mumbled
"caught in the traffic", he said
I smiled
I started to laugh
he too
"wait a minute", he said
"I am staying for lunch", he said
I was confused
I didn't know what was in his mind
"I like her", he said to his mum
no invitation
no sign
no insistence
no dream
it just happened
"love at first sight", he said
first experience, new experience
I felt the same
14 years ago.......
arranged marriage
that's how it started
sweet memories forever.