Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When a relationship is not working, it is usually because there are needs and expectations that are not being met. There might be so much anger or hatred that your only desire might be just to run away from it all. However, this is not a solution! It merely reflects your lack of understanding about where the real problem lies.

The root of all needs and expectations is an unfulfilled spiritual desire. Satisfy your spiritual desires through the practice of meditation and you'll be able to interact successfully with anyone.No longer needy, you will enter into relationships simply to share and enjoy. There'll be no strings attached in the way you give of yourself; your love will be unconditional.

We must learn to bring spirituality into our relationships.Others will learn by our example. It's a way of inspiring and uplifting each other.

( Words of Dadi Janki taken from her book Companion of God )

Emotional Pain

Dear friends, here I would like to share the words of Dadi Janki about Emotional Pain taken from her book ' Companion of God'

In a situation of emotional distress, you usually have two options: to face the problem or not. Processing a problem means you are facing it. Suppressing the problem means you are not. There's a big difference between the two.

Processing is to the mind what digesting is to the stomach. If your digestive system can't handle certain food, you have to stop eating them, otherwise you become sick. Similarly, if you find yourself in a situation where you can't cope, don't just sit there taking it all in. It's better to say something right there and then. To hold things inside will not allow you to have a healthy mind. What you take in will be indigestible and it will be obvious to others that you are having a problem.

Our ability to cope is hampered by thinking too much about other people. This cause problems in the mental digestive system. The best mental 'antacid, is in-depth spirituality study. This, plus a regular practice of self-awareness, penetrates the mind very deeply, dislodging emotional pain at its roots. Only then can emotion be purified, refined and ultimately transformed.

I truly hope these words will benefit all. My heart felt thanks to Dadi Janki for these beautiful and meaningful words.