Thursday, November 09, 2006

Given up

All alone
I'm driving
along the highway I'm speeding
know not where I'm leading
along my sorrows I'm taking
my Lord so loving
let my mind stop thinking
let my heart stop beating
let it be the ending.
( It is a repost)


Beyond the darkness
there is a light
a light of hope
a light of life
a light of future
will it......
give the hope
will it.....
light the path
will it.....
brighten the life
let alone decide

Unspoken words

A smile of yours.......
gives a glow to thousand hearts
behind the smiles
hidden some sorrows
unsolved sorrows


When the storm came...
hopes just shattered...
when the sun rose...
none is gifted.


Where am I from?
if not from you
where am I belong to?
if not to you
you.....the soil.

Shattered dreams

in your eyes so much sorrow
in your words so much pain
hidden within the sorrow
a smile without a glow
a life without a flow
i know mum......
it's not easy though.


in the journey of life
I died
don't ask me why.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Free me

My Lord.....
take away my thoughts
for I don't wish to sin
my Lord.....
take away my heart
for I wish to die
my Lord.....
take away my life
for I don't wish to live.

Miserable thoughts

Gloomy kind of feelings
suddenly came....
lingering into my mind
darkening my today
darkening my thoughts
I realise
it's the thought of you
I was alive yesterday
it's the thought of you
that kills my today
it's the thought of you
I hate you for today
it's the thought of you
I am dead today.


you the colourful mirage
you make the people dance
dance to your tune
you make them drown in the pleasure of sense
you make their intellect completely spent
you fill them with anger and lust
you cunningly trap the people
in their own costumes
make them forget their own forms
forget where do they come from
you grind them in grinding wheel of sorrow

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Reality awaits

Living in paradise
a human creation
world filled with materialism
desired beautiful figures
beautiful clothings
those are women today
desired speed cars
gigantic furnished apartments
those are men today
desired a virtual environment
everything worked by computers
those are young ones today
is this the real world?
is this where we want to live in?
where there is no love
there is no God
fame and fortune you gather on earth
is this a promise?
will take you else where?
heaven awaits you
share your riches with the poor
nothing is gained without pain
for there is no bread without work
God's grace you have talent
God's hand you have strength
share God's love you have peace
share your life
be a shining star
nothing beyond God
let there be hope
a hope for new changes
let there be prayers
for the end is visible.

No time

Knock, knock, knock
anyone in there?
hello, hello, hello
can anyone lend me your ears?
busy! busy! busy!
everyone seems to be busy
busy with life
busy with work
forgot to live
forgot to live the life
lame excuses are they
where is everyone leading?
top of the world?
what not?
what more?
what a boring life.

Mere words

Meaning of words differ
some spelt the same
some spelt differently
two different words
two different meanings
social expressions are they
magic words are they
losing their magicness
mere words are they?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Puppet dance

is what man is
attach with strings
strings of habits
cannot be given up
strings of emotions
love, joy, hate, fear and grief
is what man is
attach with strings
strings of passions
suffering and death
strings of senses
sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch
is what man is
dance to his own bidding
bind the soul
cripple the mind
live just a while
come and go
in the Lord's cosmic drama.

Divine friendship

divine friendship......
what exactly it is?
found everywhere?
cannot be
see everyday?
cannot be
feel have known always

divine friendship......
what exactly it is?
divine impulse......?
yes, definitely is
express unconditional love
deep down from the heart
divine friendship......
what exactly it is?
divine love......?
yes, absolutely is
unconditional, real and lasting
investing the love
without compulsion
(specially dedicated to my divine friend)

Forgotten friend

old friends
new friends
some say......
friends are
books alike
old books
new books
old books......
thoroughly been explored
lost the interest
dumped into darkness
thrown to some corners
new books......
touched often
interest grows
so much to learn
so much to explore
an old book
am I
dumped into darkness
thrown to some corners
thought comes
once in a while
a few chapters
flipped a while
back again into darkness
back again to the corners
an old book
am I
am hurt
I cry
in the heart
I die.

The wonder of creator

that's how it started
black, cold and empty
that's how it was
then came the dazzling light
filled the darkness bright
land, sea and sky
amazing is the word to describe
earth burst into life
seed-popping plants
sweet-smelling flowers
budding and blooming
springing and sprouting
sun in the day
moon at night
amazing is the word to describe
then came the wild creatures
chasing and racing
grunting and growling
roaring and howling
singing and chirping
music to the ears
amazing is the word to describe
then came Adam and Eve
share the wonderful creation
looking after the world for him
amazing is the word to describe
in six days everything is done.

Transformation of life was beautiful
full of love and laughter
life was sweet
life was simple
life was like a heaven
life is hideous
full of hatred and tears
life is bitter
life is complicated
life is like a hell
what life will be?
he has the answer
who is he?
only he knows
where is he?
he keeps watching.


A fresh morning
A fresh new day
jump out from the bed
feeling light and bright
the fresh smell of the earth
flowing deep into my veins
the chirping of the birds
music to my ears
the beautiful sky
with patterns and designs
the fresh green sceneries
soothing to the eyes
a fresh morning
a fresh day
it's a promise
it's a hope.