Saturday, November 04, 2006

The wonder of creator

that's how it started
black, cold and empty
that's how it was
then came the dazzling light
filled the darkness bright
land, sea and sky
amazing is the word to describe
earth burst into life
seed-popping plants
sweet-smelling flowers
budding and blooming
springing and sprouting
sun in the day
moon at night
amazing is the word to describe
then came the wild creatures
chasing and racing
grunting and growling
roaring and howling
singing and chirping
music to the ears
amazing is the word to describe
then came Adam and Eve
share the wonderful creation
looking after the world for him
amazing is the word to describe
in six days everything is done.


  1. i was watching a movie beach recently where in the hero says - there in another planet - a parallel plant there will be another parallel me and you watching at us .....

    will that be ? when the creator creator created - wont he done a parallel world ?

    fine i questioned myself long back a couple of years before - where was creator when he was creating this universe. i posed a serious post on this.

  2. My fren, I just don't know what to respond. Something to ponder about.
    Hope you will find the answer one day. Thank you.