Sunday, November 05, 2006

Reality awaits

Living in paradise
a human creation
world filled with materialism
desired beautiful figures
beautiful clothings
those are women today
desired speed cars
gigantic furnished apartments
those are men today
desired a virtual environment
everything worked by computers
those are young ones today
is this the real world?
is this where we want to live in?
where there is no love
there is no God
fame and fortune you gather on earth
is this a promise?
will take you else where?
heaven awaits you
share your riches with the poor
nothing is gained without pain
for there is no bread without work
God's grace you have talent
God's hand you have strength
share God's love you have peace
share your life
be a shining star
nothing beyond God
let there be hope
a hope for new changes
let there be prayers
for the end is visible.


  1. I am not my fren. The thought came, so i wrote it. I am just fine. Thank you.