Saturday, November 04, 2006

Transformation of life was beautiful
full of love and laughter
life was sweet
life was simple
life was like a heaven
life is hideous
full of hatred and tears
life is bitter
life is complicated
life is like a hell
what life will be?
he has the answer
who is he?
only he knows
where is he?
he keeps watching.


  1. not to hurt you or make you feel bad. When i was in college and just out of college - when i do pass comments on gals of my college ( in those ages of typical adolesencs and the fair end of teenage) and those beautiful ladies that i get attracted while looking at them ( i have no shame in accepting - it is the age and every one pass through) some time we get back nicely from the daring courageious gals.

    my friends would run off - and would say me vaishnav one day you will really get your price for this. i used to reply - when i am having fun and good feel in my act - certainly there will be a side effect and i have to face that at that moment. if i say i dont want the side effect only the fun then i am not fair with my life.

    everythign in universe exits in duality. if one we enjoy certainly the other duality we need to face - if not today some other day.

    ever storm leave clam and sky being calm doesnt mean a storm never to come.

    just shared my view. may be souding philisophical which would sound a bit too much when a young guy speaks so

  2. I appreciate that you are being honest. Whatever, life has to go on.

    "ever storm leave clam and sky being calm doesnt mean a storm never to come."

    You are certainly right. Thank you.