Thursday, November 20, 2008

There is still a 'HOPE'

My dearest friend......
my heart goes out to you
and your loved one
so much of sorrow in your eyes
so much of pain in your words
just could not bear
to see you this way
I wish ......
to help but I am helpless
I wish......
to change the present
but I am left without a choice
please be strong
please stand strong
do not give up
do not break down
I am always here
as a shoulder to cry on
together we pray
as one soul and one heart
for the very best.


  1. Hi Venus!

    The title says 'There's 'still' HOPE' -- did someone say NO HOPE in between, SCOPE is a different matter altogether though ;-))

    now, who is this friend..tell him/her that one shoulder is also available in India's capital city also:-))

    Venus, this one soul and one heart -- thinking of it, it will not work with me .. i give it off to the one i sit's never in my hands for a full offering...

    and now, i know why i don't have friends who stay by me when in need...but then i assume all are there..don't know God makes me feel that way..

    A good poem by you, Venus!

    God Bless,

  2. Hi :)
    Thanks for dropping by my page
    And yeah am doing r u? Been long since i was able 2 drop in any blog page :(

  3. Inspiring buddy. Thank you.

  4. Hi Venus :)

    Excellent poem!

    You have very clearly spelled out what a friend needs in time of sorrow and suffering. Some times we are just helpless except to console and pray.

    Recently the wife of my close friend passed away on account of cancer. There was nothing I could do except to condole and offer my sincere prayers for him to get courage and strength to get over the calamity.

    Have a good day :)

  5. hello friend :)

    how ru?? i am fine...

    One is always lucky who has friend like you arround....he/she is never going to give up...

    Nice one friend

    Take Care

  6. i wish there were more frenz like u arnd for all of us...
    that friend of urs is really lucky

  7. very nice poem venusa

  8. Now THAT'S a friend. :) What a beautiful, heartfelt poem.

  9. beautiful poem.(:
    how are u?

  10. Excellent Poem.. very Nice Venus Love it:)

  11. To Ms. Venus

    You are heartily welcome to my blogspace. I assure you that my blogs on short stories and paintings, too, would be entertaining you.

    I would visit your blog whenever you would post a new post.

    Naval Langa

  12. Hi venus,

    Very nice poem.

    When some one cries
    we cant wipe out the sorrow
    but at least the tears...