Saturday, June 13, 2009

This message was written in my autograph about 26 years ago by my so called brother who ended his life in a very tragic way about 24 years ago. Today, (13th. June) is the birthday of him. I do not wish to remember the date when he ended his life but I always remember the date of his birth. At least, I can feel the presence of him. May you be happy there.


  1. Nice message by him, Venus

    i share your sentiments, but departed ones could be more happy Venus


  2. Good message. Thanks for sharing....

  3. Hi Venus:)

    The letter written by your brother clearly shows that he card for you very much. He was a very good person. What a pity he passed away in tragic circumstances. God knows best.

    Many thanks for sharing this letter which really touched my heart.

    Have a nice day Venus:)