Friday, June 05, 2009

Over the days....
I have realized
my emotions and feelings
are not to be revealed
over the days....
I have learned
my inner thoughts
are not to be shared
I have realized
sincerity is not been valued
I have learned
sincerity is not been appreciated
at the end of the day
labeled as funny and weird
I have decided
I should learn to keep
my dreams, my thoughts
my emotions and feelings
within myself.


  1. an interesting thought. if you did that, though, there would be no poetry...

  2. If sincerity isn't valued, take it that the day is not at the end, Venus

    and learning to keep emotions to yourself -- some say it isn't nice...but if you know how to, I would say thats the best thing to do,

    But then as writers, we have a good way to vent


  3. Hi Venus:)


    I think it will be useful to share your emotions and feelings to your family members and to very, very close friends if you have any. The same applies to sincerity.

    But if you go about telling every one about your feelings and emotions you are only asking for trouble. They will make fun of you behind your back. Besides, they will tell others also.After all who is really interested in you except your family members.

    I think diplomacy is the right thing in most cases.

    Many thanks for sharing these profound thoughts.

    Have a lovely day Venus:)

  4. afraid of wat d world outside thinks...not new...but after some time v jus dont give a damn!! its jus a phase..will pass soon

  5. Hi Venus,
    How are you?
    I understand the words in your poem, but......
    I think sometimes sharing your thoughts, emotions, dreams and feeling are a good thing, and if others can not value them, they really are not worth bothering with.

    Take lots of care
    Stacey :D

  6. I hear what you're saying and you've expressed it well. Personally, I believe it's a disservice to keep everything inside and not share it with the world. After all, you only live once...and who knows the souls you could help in sharing your thoughts and stories?