Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reading is fun. Not to mention, reading an old book is more fun. At one time, you may have felt that you have understood the content. Unfortunately, it is not the case. A few days ago, I started to reread one of my old book. To my surprise only last night, I realized what I thought I have understood a few years back, turned out to be different.
I found that, I only understood chapter A to X and the other two chapters were difficult to be understood. It's like a mystery but I will keep reading until I understand. Maybe to understand the content well, I need some knowledge and to feel it, I need some experiences or maybe just a matter of time. Anyway, it's an interesting book.:))


  1. It happens so often with me....and some books I have read over five times -- its is as though a new dimension opening up every time :)

    You say its a funny post, but think of really isn't, Venus :)


  2. Interesting. Maybe I should pull an old book off the shelf and see where it takes me. Good luck with Chapters Y and Z! :)

  3. each book is a mystery.. just like our life.


  4. This has happened to me too. It is because of our prejudices and inhibitions, I think. The more we try, the more we can understand the truth. :)