Saturday, April 25, 2009

Him.......The M......

Whenever I found myself alone at night
he kept coming into my mind
my thoughts always turned to HIM
not a single day passed
that I did not think about HIM
my mind began to spin
as I fought to forget HIM
my vision became blurred
as I rattled off my secret to the mirror
I closed my eyes
bursting with tears
I tried to erase the thoughts of HIM vain


  1. DO not really know who that 'monster' is...but we all have gone through such expereriences, I think...atleast i have...

    and I would say,

    Dont fight to forget him,
    Don't see a Monster in him...begin to love him, as he is....YOU will feel better,

    That's how it works me, Venus
    Hope it should work for you too :)

    your posts these days show a troubled mind..hope everything is okay, Venus


  2. The best way to remember something is to try forgetting it.

    The best way to forget something is to remember something else.

  3. Yesterday I learned that a friend has a monster in her life. I never would have guessed and I want to rid her of HIM but I cannot. It is frightening to have a HIM.

  4. Anonymous12:51 PM

    ha ha..
    saw horror movie eh?

    just kidding very well put dear friend.

    much luv,

  5. Why is it that we always remember the bad night, no less?

  6. Ah! I am happy that even monsters inspire you to write poems :D

    Good one venus :)