Saturday, October 16, 2010


The Wisdom and Words of Dadi Janki taken from her book 'Companion of God'

Spirituality is the art of balancing your responsibilities to yourself, your family and to the whole world. The basis for this is a deep understanding of self, God and the law of cause and effect (karma).

Knowing the self enables you to be detached from physical factors and their limitations. Knowing God enables you to create a deep link of love and draw into yourself all attributes, virtues and powers, from the Source. Understanding the deep philosophy of 'karma' motivates you to settle debts of the past and perform elevated actions now.

Anyone can fall victim to the suffering of a poor state of mind, ill-health, loss of wealth or unhappy relationships. Human life depends on these four factors and yet each of them has become so fragile and unreliable. God's power restores tolerance and the ability to face anything. An understanding of the deep philosophy of karma reveals how elevated thoughts, pure feelings and good actions can resolve all difficulties for the self and for the world.


  1. The key for a proper life lies perhaps in understanding the law of karma and balancing of responsibilities as mentioned at the outset of the post.Thanks for the sharing the wisdom

  2. The challenge lies in attempting to know the SELF. The core issue is how to root positive desires which can lead us towards spirituality, and how to rout the negative ones from our being.

  3. Nice one. I just believe in self conscious and realization.