Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My friend......
so much sorrows in you heart
so much pain in your words
I understand.....
it is not easy though
without her by your side
never the same anymore
without her in your life
the sweetness had gone
believe me my friend
she is always there in you
in whatever you do
her presence you will always feel
beautiful memories of her
you will always cherish
please do not cry my friend
often you are in my thoughts
believe me my friend.....
the one above loves her more
I believe she is happy and peaceful there

my prayers and love for her always
be strong my friend
nature has played her part
the one above knows the best
my love and prayers for you too my friend
take good care
love always.


  1. Venus, this is for Cyclop I guess

    So kind of you, my friend
    and reading I too feel a sense of calm -- i was thinking of mother since I read him...

    and I was upset too...don't know --even a harsh comment someone says to someone else is upsetting me.

    anyway, that's not a subject here,
    Hope he reads this soon,


  2. It's really kind of you... Let this poem bring comfort and solace to your friend.

    Take care!

  3. was truly amazing a letter..
    I just remembered a friend of my cousin whom she lost recently.. It is the way we take it matters.. initially it was really hard for my cousin..

  4. Thanks buddy. Nothing lasts forever. Acceptance is expansion. Thank you again for the consoling lines.

  5. Those lines are very consoling and makes me silent. I read this much before but because it made me silent I did not want to say anything at that time.

  6. I just read Cyclops poem. Your poem is a wonderful gift to one who has lost his mother.

  7. Hi Venus, HAPPY WOMEN's Day

  8. http://avisualtreat.blogspot.com/2008/08/celebrating-womanhood.html


  9. It's not easy to lose someone we love and cherish. It helps to have sweet, caring friends like you to help us get by.