Sunday, March 15, 2009

A letter to a friend

Sitting all alone in the staffroom
flipping through the guidebook
planning the lesson for tomorrow
as I started to pen a few lines
the thought of you my dear friend
came lingering into my mind
how are you my dear one?
how have you been?
just a few days gone by
the absence of you I felt much
I know.......
to reach you at this moment....
it's impossible my dear one
with grace of God and peace
surrounding you all the times
I believe you are doing just fine
hope to hear from you again
some good news real soon.


  1. Venus, who's this dearest friend you have..
    You are one of I do think of you :)

    I think where we Love prevails -- Peace and Joy will be achieved...
    I am finding it these days...and I hope you are in good spirits too, my dear friend

    love, always

  2. "where Love prevails"

  3. ah ur frenship is one of d sweetest i've seen...i've read a few previous posts abt this fren of urs...its so pure n pristine...i guess u guys define exactly wat frenship is