Thursday, January 29, 2009

In the journey of life....
full of injustice
i am lost
in the journey of life....
full of mysteries
i am confused
in the journey of life....
full of obstacles
i am dead
please do not ask me 'WHY'.


  1. Yeah, all the same here..
    Please do not ask me also 'WHY'

    BUT I'M ALIVE! :))

    Hold on dear, it all will change :)


  2. Hi Venus :)

    What a pessimistic way of looking at life. God has given us a life to make full use of it in the best possible way. Nothing will be achieved by moaning and groaning.

    Take a look at people who are less fortunate than us. See their will power and determination to make the best of the worst situation they are in.

    Recently I met an old woman who goes without food for several days in a month. Where are we compared to this woman? I met another blind man selling lottery tickets and supporting his wife and two children. Are we better than this blind man? I met another man without legs and dragging himself on his bottom on the road in a hot afternoon. Are we not better than him?

    We are immensely blessed by God. Of course, I can understand that sometimes we get into one of those depressions. But if we count our blessings and get into some purposeful activity all the negative thoughts will fly.

    Pray to God. Trust in Him.

    Excellent post. It made me put on my thinking cap.

    Wish you a bright and beautiful day :)

  3. beautiful!

    And yes I can u'stand ya...and no Im not gonna ask WHY.



  4. thanks for dropping by my blog!

    you have a nice blog!

  5. i am not going to ask you why.....but ...
    love n godbless.

  6. Check for the silver lines buddy.When the wind of changes blow, it brings along both the good and bad smell. Appreciate the good, stand tough against the bad one. God bless.

  7. Thanks Mary, for your concern!

    And I like the ending. Maybe there is no light right now but it will come..

  8. I shall not ask you why, either.
    I have enjoyed visiting your blog & thank you for visiting mine & the kind comments!

    I wish you joy!


  9. It's a beautiful poem!

    Many times even I have felt the same thing Venus. But this smart life comes back with all it's charm and sweetness and have made me alive :)

    So I think you're cheerfully alive by now :-))

    Take care!

  10. Hi...
    This wording are echo in my ears...That is pretty!
    Thanks for sharing .

  11. Sometimes it happens, Venus. :)

    Thank god Moods are not constant.

  12. In journey of life ...full of obstacles ...i am happy ..say why??? coz i have you arround me :)

    how ru friend?
    sorry again being disappeared for long time

    Take Care


  13. God bless Malaysia!

  14. Nice one...

    Hope u r well there:)

    Take care

  15. life is a series of stumbles. awkward moments.

  16. Have you been in my head? I feel so confuse sometime, but I do love life!

  17. I won't ask why...but I hope you'll see some light in the darkness very soon. Heart wrenching poem -- thanks for sharing.

  18. Did you watch that movie Why Me?

  19. Came for a new one Venus,

    see you soon,