Sunday, September 27, 2009

The first Hindu glass temple in the world- Arulmigu Sri Raja Kaliamman Temple in Johore Bahru, Malaysia

Today (27th. Sept. 2009), my family and I visited the first Hindu glass temple in the world.. Beautifully built. Just no words to describe. I am truly glad to share some pictures I have snapped. Please click on the pics to get better view.
The Consecration Ceremony of the temple will be held on 25. 10. 2009 between 10.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. For further information please contact 07-2245152. Address: No 22 Lorong Satu, Jalan Tebrau, 80100 Johor Bahru.( /


  1. wow! amazing temple made of glasses. very beautiful status and building!

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  3. The work of art is truly amazing. All the efforts and minds were combined to erect this monument. It is not something to be proud of, but to humble ourselves in the presence of this elegance in glass.Hope to visit it one day. Thank you for sharing buddy.

  4. Hi Mary,

    Wow! Great! Just a couple of days ago you were talking about your desire to visit this temple and today you were there!

    The temple is truly a master piece and a sincere attempt to celebrate spirituality. And the snaps you have selected to share with us give a glimpse of joy that awaits its visitors.

    My joy knew no bounds when I saw the marble statues of Jesus Christ, Sai Babas (plural he he he), Vallalar, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa all in one temple.

    This is exactly my idea of spiritualism.

    Hats of to the ones who conceived this temple in their hearts.

    Many many thanks to you for sharing these pictures.

    It is indeed truly a special post, that delighted me.

    If god wishes, I will be there one day.

  5. Hmm.. nice art work. from an iconclast view, how many orphaned kid would have got a good life through education if the money was instead of building a temple. I am not religious but just wondering. I am fed of temples mosques churches all over the streets in ever corner of world . do we still need more religious monuments only to show case the wealth rather really spreading brother hood. just another thought.

  6. Temples aren't a waste of money.

    People like me have been greatly benefited by temples in various ways.

    At times of distress I've sat in temples silently for a few hours and got back the vigor to face tough situations and have come out successfully.

    For feeding poor kids I think the money spent in bars, pubs, bribery, corruption, prostitution centers,beauty parlors, etc etc can be diverted.

    I know there are shirts, shoes for prices as high as Rs.40,000. I think people who buy such stuff can compromise on their luxury and spend some money on feeding the poor orphonaged kids.

  7. Other day I got a forwarded mail about this temple. Little did I expect you'll post about the same in your blog. It's really wonderful and exquisite temple :-) Heartening to see all great saints together in one place :-)

    I'm happy for you Venus! thnks for sharing :-)

    And I too just want to add a point to brother's comment... Temples are energy centres....There is a whole lot of science behind creating temples. That's why when we get inside a temple/church/mosque we feel peaceful. Our thoughts calm down....and we are energised!

    From a humanitarian point of view, I feel, if we just stop all the money and energy spent on creating destructive weapons, wars, armies....we can not only educate but also feed every children and human in this Earth.

  8. hey friend,

    those pictures are awesome :D good to know you visited the temple.
    how hv u been?


  9. Temple of Glass.....amazing pictures Venus :)

    and to think of how they constructed it...awe inspiring.:)

    sorry I am just slipped my mind, that i'll come around...again another week am off Venus :)


  10. it just slipped my mind, that i said i'll come around,


  11. There are no words to describe it; it is beyond beautiful. Wow! THAT is a work of art, my friend!

  12. wow so beautiful! thanx for sharing..tcare

  13. Anonymous11:28 PM

    The temple looks wonderful...simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  14. Hi, Can you let me know how to commute to this place from singapore woodlands.

  15. wow.....

    great work of art...

    I wish I could visit the place.. :)

  16. Anonymous2:09 AM

    the temple empress me and my family, the temple made a succes, make indians brighter

  17. Anonymous11:57 AM

    gud job weldun guyzzzzzzzzz..