Friday, May 22, 2009


YOU may not be
the pretty one
YOU may not be
the lovely one
YOU may not be
a lucky star
YOU may not be
a precious diamond
YOU are there
a tiny speck in the universe
YOU are there
a being in the cosmic world
let YOU be what YOU are
Who are YOU?


  1. I liked the poem, Venus
    But if YOU are ME--- you ARE all that!! :)))

    Kidding, my dear friend....This world is beautiful may be because of the variety and dissimilarities of every object, including you and me...

    "I have never seen an ugly thing in this world" -- can't remember it completely or who said that..but someone said so..and it is so true!

    TO me -- You are one of the most lovable i have met in the blogworld, Venus. :)

    love, always

  2. i missed to say,

    'YOU are ME' is a great philosophy that holds a great potential, Venus...

    The compassion therein can bring about inner peace and ultimately world peace we often talk about..and your last poem was that, no??:)

    & Reading this poem, I think we could be hopeful of a peaceful world! :)