Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Journey of life

More than forty decades ago
the mysterious adventure began
I rushed
I struggled
finally, I won the battle
a battle of life
I found a new world
the darkest warm world
could see nothing
could hear nothing
became dependent
in the cocoon safe and sound
was that a mistake?
I cried
no one heard
I waited impatiently
to see the light
out from the darkest world
a new world again
a mistake?
a new hope?
brightness everywhere
lights everywhere
could see everything
could hear everything
independent I became
a mistake?
day by day
month by month
years gone by
I still explore the life
I experience the pain
I see pain everywhere
there is no promise
there is no hope
I prayed
I cried
for the peace of mind
that will lead to the peace of the world.


  1. what's happening Venus?
    muse isn't going from you?? :)

    Nice principles of Aham Brahmasmi (I am God) and Tat wam Asi (You are Me) peace could be possible on through individual peace of that possible in this world??

    with the light in your heart you could have peace...what about those who think darkness is essential to appreciate light!?

    World peace -- lets dream about it :)


  2. i cudnt quite understand this...sorry :(

  3. Hi Venus:)

    Very lovely poem.

    Our life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we feel we are in a dark tunnel and we think we are alone and no one is there to help us. Suddenly like a bolt from the blue a helping hand comes to rescue us and we are in a bright light of happiness.

    As regards problems in the outside world is concerned there is very little we can do but to pray. As long as there are people with different thoughts, different beliefs, different view of life, there will always be suffering, pain and blood shed.

    This is my interpretation of your beautifully written poem. You can correct me if I am wrong.

    Best wishes:)

  4. I wish there was a way...

  5. Beautiful poems, Venus! I can see a lot of soul on your blog. I love the last line here "The peace of mind
    that will lead to the peace of the world". Have a wonderful day. May peace be upon you, always :)

  6. nice... cool... keep up a good work!! ^-^

  7. That is a very thoughtful poem. Great theme too.

  8. Hi Venus:)

    Many thanks for the explanation.

    I am no where near what you had in mind. Anyway I made an attempt:)

    Have a lovely day Venus:)