Sunday, December 14, 2008


One fine day, dearest friend of mine visited me and family at my parents place. It was a pleasant visit. Everyone was very excited especially my kids. We spent hours chatting about many things. It was wonderful. We had a great lunch together. After lunch, he asked me for a cup of coffee. It was my pleasure to mix a cup of coffee for him. Then, he left to Malacca to meet a friend. Not a word who and where. He promised to be back by 6 p.m. It was already very late in the evening but there was still no any sign of him. No phone calls no news. His number could not be reached. We started to worry and did not know whom to contact.
It was already 4 a.m. but still no news. A few days past by but still no news. He just disappeared and never came back. I have never thought that would be the last meet. No body knew what had happened to him, where was he and how was he.
Suddenly, i woke up and was in tears. It was just a dream. Eventhough it was just a dream, i felt it real.
I pray to you my Lord, hope it will not become true because i know i can never take it and I am not ready to lose a wonderful friend.


  1. Hi Venus!

    Happens with me in dreams and real life..

    The only piece of advice or a remark i can make is..never be too much sentimental with friends. it could lead you to a centi of mental issues :))

    But, is your heart and mind so gentle, Venus?

    The post is good :)


  2. Not all dreams come true Venus. This will just be one such dream. So no worries :)

  3. Sounds like a horrible dream!

  4. What a sad dream...but thank God, it was only a dream.

  5. Don't worry about anyone Venus. Everyone is with God and God is with everyone. All we have to do is to have complete faith in him.

  6. oh.. its a dream, I thought it was reality..
    good it was a dream..
    never allow that friend to leave if at all the situation takes the form of reality.