Saturday, August 09, 2008

My internet friend cum my good friend

I have an internet friend whom I value so much. This friend, plays a very important part in my life. I first met my friend online in year 2001. For the first few years we used to chat online very often. Nowadays, we do not meet online at all. At present, we only keep in touch through sms and calls.

Sometimes, there would be a long gap or I would rather say a long pause. No any news at all and I would sit here wondering what went wrong. Many a time I was very hurt and annoyed but now I understand my friend better. As a friend I should be more understanding and accept my friend as how my friend is. I can understand that sometimes my friend would be busy and sometimes have mood swings. Maybe wants to be alone too. I would say that I am so used to the situation. :)) I just leave it as it is because I love my friend a lot. I really mean it.

We have met only twice. The first was when my friend came for a seminar in October 2002. It was a very brief meeting.:)) Then, again it was in December 2003. I went with my family to my friend's place. Met my friend's family members. It was a beautiful moments. When first I entered the house, I felt that I have been there before. Very familiar to me. It was very special. I always cherish those moments.

I always feel very comfortable talking to my friend. I have never felt so comfortable talking to any friends before or maybe I do not keep close friendship with anyone. We talk about a lot of things but we do not interfere in each others personal matters. My friend is a very private person, so I respect and appreciate that. I admire my friend until to this very moment. A very determine, understanding, loving, caring, patient and wonderful person. I have never met anyone like that before. This type of friend is very rare. Sometimes, I ask myself ' do I know this friend in my previous life'. This sounds weird, right? I could feel some kind of special bond and I do not know how to explain it. It is like a mystery. Unsolved mystery. Many a time we called or sms at the same time. I am not sure if telepathy works or just coincidence. :) I have a lot more to write about my good friend but not today.

To be continued.............( maybe one fine day)
(My dear friend, this is specially for you)


  1. Am really flattered, buddy. I am proud to say that you are a wonderful friend too. I guess these are too much for me to digest, and am suffocating now. I don't know whether I actually deserve all these. I am grateful that I have such a wonderful friend like you. Thank you for the appreciation. I appreciate that very much. Finally you understand me, ha :). I like that understanding. At least it keeps your worry at bay. Thank you again.

  2. You are most welcome my dear friend. Believe me, you deserve that. Take care. God Bless.

  3. you are deserved to be a friends.every moments came with the good and bad memories to remember.and friends is half of that moment.i truly have that memories once.they may absent now...but memories deny.thanks to you Mah..