Friday, August 22, 2008

In search

What is God?
Who is God?
Does he really exist?
Does she really exist?
If one feels his/her presence
If one sees his/her existence
Why is the suffering on earth?
Why is there no peace?
Is it because of bad karma?
Even if it is bad karma
Is God not forgiving?
Is he/she in deep slumber land?
(*These thoughts have been bugging me since Friday, 11th.July 2008. After a long telephone conversation with a friend.*)


  1. This is my opinion.Its true god exists. Pain-pleasure. Happiness-sorrow.Good-Bad. Darkness- Light. Are all dualities he created. To contrast, compliment and contradict each other. Religions always project that god is good. But according to me God is neither good nor bad. He is neutral. But beyond that he has a loving face. That's what I look upon in god. Any how now that you have started thinking like this you will soon encounter him. It happened to me... I too have thought the way you think... Happy Krishna jayanthi... :)

  2. Thank you for your opinion. I appreciate that. This cosmic drama is too much to bear.

  3. Anonymous12:08 AM

    You have really made us thoughtful in this nice Sunday evening...questions to which answers are very few....maybe God has forgiven so much that there is no more left...we all share your thoughts & really feel for our mother earth...maybe God can only answer or...????

  4. Good AND bad are all part and parcel of the 'cosmic drama' - if you accept one you also have to accept the other - that is the Perfection - the balance if you will. And it sure isn't easy... :)

  5. This is a good post. God should answer this. I don't if god is reading this. Is God a mere excuse, buddy? Perhaps yes...perhaps not. Each with their own version of belief. None knows which is real. Strange.

  6. Every breath is a blessing!If you trying to find the GOD that you have created, you may never find him.But if you are finding for the GOD who has created you, you may find him.Each breath you take is the presence of the almighty.His existence is in every second of your breath.When you serach ,he is there for you,but srach in the right place and in the right direction. Ask him,where he resides and he will answer you.You cannot decribe him with words.You cannot describe him with your imagination,he is beyond human imagination but he is as close as you could probably think!