Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guide me my Lord....

My dear Lord............
Grant me peace within my heart
help me to make a beautiful start
guide me to make a difference
make me understand
the reasons for my existence
bless me with courage
to voice what is right
guide me to make changes
bless me to do for better
allow me to accept all
for I trust you have the reasons
some mysterious I can't comprehend
I believe when the right time comes
you will send me the explanations
then help me to understand
guiding me in all my steps
before I depart.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hibiscus the flower of pride
In colour you said it right
Brilliant and beautiful to the eyes
In dignity you stood up right
Smiling and swaying nation wide
Calling all in peace to unite
Unique flower in petals of five
Symbol of Malaysia nation wide.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Multi racial my country, Malaysia
A nation strong and powerful indeed
Land rich in peace,unity and dignity
All people live in perfect harmony ever
Young and old work hand in hand
Strives to be recognised beauty indeed
In the eyes of the world fast forward
A successful nation, a respected nation.

( Happy Independence Day- 31st.August)

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Never had thought my friend
statement of mine would.....
cut like a razor
words of mine would......
pierce like a needle
abuse you my friend
not at all my intention
my experiences of past
always there as a reminder
telling me to be alert all the times
how could I......
a blunder I became this time
please forgive me my friend.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

You my friend

Once a total stranger
my mind used to wonder
who are you?
what are you?
analytical you are
critical you are
eyes can never meet
deep in my heart
I could feel
a total stranger
so much of care
so much of love
so much of kindness
a total stranger
heart full of friendship

Friday, August 10, 2007

Graduation Day

Graduation Day (July 29,2007)

A day to part

Away from scholarly books
And mind boggling journals
Running words and trawling letters
Leaving behind the assignment
And examinations.

Graduation day
A fulfillment of recognition
Granted to measure the tough journey
Traveled in months and years
Browsing pages of papers
Now, insignificantly lie somewhere.
The sleepless nights
The restless moments
All have vanished with the crown
Received on this day.
A lot of happy smiles
And tears exchanged
During these periods,
But all joined together
To commemorate the hardship endured
To beat many through the journey
And come out the best among many.

The fear of losing the battle
And the agony of anticipation
Are all but flimsy tattles
Of this illusive mind
But never mind
There are no exams to mind, anymore,
at least for sometime.

Be ready to climb one more ladder
Make it your priceless ambition.

I wish you all the best, buddy

(Dedicated to my friend Mary Das from JB, Malaysia)

This poem was written for me by Cyclopseven Ram
Thank you my dear friend.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

In the presence of you my Lord
with tears in my eyes
I humble myself to you
showers me my dear Lord
with the brightest light of yours
I fear.......
the absence of you my Lord
may darken my days and nights.

Forgotten friend II

My dear northern most friend
I miss you a lot
just the thought of you
brought tears in my eyes
have you forgotten me
keeping a distance from me
have I become the old book
kept in the dark corner
have I become a worthless friend
have you become a stone hearted friend
my dear friend....
I missed the old version of you
please come clear it again
a request from me
leave a little space for me
in your thoughts, my friend.((
The thorns......
look like flower buds
in love I am.