Friday, August 10, 2007

Graduation Day

Graduation Day (July 29,2007)

A day to part

Away from scholarly books
And mind boggling journals
Running words and trawling letters
Leaving behind the assignment
And examinations.

Graduation day
A fulfillment of recognition
Granted to measure the tough journey
Traveled in months and years
Browsing pages of papers
Now, insignificantly lie somewhere.
The sleepless nights
The restless moments
All have vanished with the crown
Received on this day.
A lot of happy smiles
And tears exchanged
During these periods,
But all joined together
To commemorate the hardship endured
To beat many through the journey
And come out the best among many.

The fear of losing the battle
And the agony of anticipation
Are all but flimsy tattles
Of this illusive mind
But never mind
There are no exams to mind, anymore,
at least for sometime.

Be ready to climb one more ladder
Make it your priceless ambition.

I wish you all the best, buddy

(Dedicated to my friend Mary Das from JB, Malaysia)

This poem was written for me by Cyclopseven Ram
Thank you my dear friend.


  1. i know i am not hanging over this space and you know me when i able to sneak time you will find me dedicating time.. wishes friend on graduation.

  2. Thank you so much.

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  4. congrats to u, dear! which uni is this?


  5. Thank you ammu. OUM.