Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The fragrance beyond the nose by cyclopseven Ram

The poem below is very special to me and it comes from a very precious and special friend.
My dear friend you are always there for me in my good times and bad times. I have learnt a lot from you. Thank you for all those special things that you have done for me. Will always treasure your friendship. Thank you so much.

The fragrance beyond the nose by cyclopseven Ram:
"The fragrance beyond the nose

The fragrance beyond the nose
Where the wind blows
There goes the fragrance of the rose
Together with the wind
The fragrance becomes one.
The trees that swiftly caresses the wind
Together they hug the fragrance of the rose,
As they smell the rose’s breathe
They wish the fragrance remain with them to death.

Far and yonder beyond the hills that mounting high
The fragrance travel intertwined with the wind
Touching the tips of every plants along the way
While gently, brushing the animals across the plains.
Days that pass by leave the moments of joyous feelings
Remarkably soothing is the waft of this fragrance
Forever shall remain enshrined within the mine of my mind
To be welcomed with garlands colorful adorning the fragrance
because the fragrance that spread across the world is the friendship
that stitches the souls to become one in togetherness.

(Specially dedicated for my wonderful and colorful friend, Mary Das of Johor Baru, Malaysia.) ©cyclopseven. All rights reserved 021007. "


  1. lovely poem...

    hi venus,

    thanks for visiting my space and leaving some lovely comments on both dreamscapes and lively nature..

    I hope to visit ur blog as often as i can..

    keep visiting,

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  3. Hi princess, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Take care.

  4. A wonderful tribute by Cyclopseven to a very special person.

  5. Thank you for your kind words.:)

  6. nicely written. beautiful dedication.


  7. Yes, it's beautiful indeed. :)

  8. He writes well.:)Thank you.

  9. Awesome poem and dedication! :)

  10. oooohh..! its so beautiful..!!
    txs for sharing it

  11. Thank you ponn. The credit goes to my friend.:)

  12. Hi hope and love, thank you for your visit.:)

  13. Anonymous1:33 PM

    the fragrance of the words is equally wonderful :)
    too good...

  14. Will thank my friend. :)

  15. Wow!
    U have such a wonderful way with words, pal!! Awesome lines.

    have been doing a bit of reading around, on ur blog, and shud say that I am maha impressed. Shall be back for more!


  16. Hi mm, thank you for visiting. I have to say, that poem was not written by me. It was dedicated by a fren for me. :)
    Visit more.:) Take care.

  17. Anonymous7:40 AM

    just dropped in to say a Hi... the fifth part of the story has been posted... :) so check soon...

  18. Thank you dj. Will do.:)