Monday, August 21, 2006

Stress in relationship

I would like to share something nice with all my loved ones. May this message will open up ones mind and heart to lead a stress free relationship.

Stress is something that happens to someone in which one is not able to cope. What is stressful to me, may not be stressful to others. In relationship, divorce can be a form of relief to some people and can be stressful to some others. All depend on ones perception, situation and views of something that he or she looks on.
The defination of life need to be understood. One needs to understand the parametre that one sets. Some may ask what are the parametres that we have to set for ourselves. It is very simple actually but not all able to practise it.

- think of others as you would want them to think of you.
- have the attitude that you want others to have in them.
- behave the same to you and to others.
- speak to yourself as you speak to others.

Relationship can be beautiful if one is able to follow the above. There are many people out there are suffering in relationship or have a stressful relationship. Why?

ATTACHMENT- which is out of too much of love. Too much of love can change to hatered because of suspicion and possesiveness. Where there is attachment, there is resistance and where there is resistance, there is fear.
EGO- which is the false identification about ownself. Not willing to let go or give in.
MISTRUST- lost of trust in each other due to gossips. Always believe and listen to the third party. Fail to realise that communication is the keyword for any relationship. Need to understand that communication is not only talking but also listening but not to the third party.

My dear ones, relationship can be stress free if everyone can avoid all those three above. Try to understand each others nature, differences and circumstances. Learn the art of forgiving and forget.
Forgive means to let go and forget means remember the good deeds only. Always look at the bright side of everyone and ignore the dark side. Be more broadminded, be honest and free from expectations. Always think of what you have learned from others and not what others have learned from you. Admit your mistakes and appreciate each other.
The most important things to remember in order to have a stress free relationship is be aware of the three faculties in oneself. What are they?


One should have the true identification of oneself, 'that is you are the soul' and allow all the three faculties to have a harmonious relationship in oneself.


  1. not sure if you speak of something personal here - but you make me ponder on those subjects which i speak much , think a lot, blaber always......

    I am pulled in your charm of thoughts. wonderful - a coincidence - i was writting something about we should know the exit route in relationship when we are on the verge of humiliation and i read somehting similiar here.

  2. Hi, nice to hear that you wrote something similar. Will be glad if I can read your write up. Thank you. Nothing personal, just base on what is happening around us.