Tuesday, August 22, 2006

speaking the truth

Speaking the truth is important in relationship which means it is important in our life. Speaking the truth is simple to some people but some may find it to be difficult. They have the fear that the truth may worsen their relationship. Some may even find that if speaking the truth can cause harm to ones pride, better not speak. In a short term, not speaking the truth may help but in future it will cause more harm than good. One day the truth will be out so why not today.
The truth should be revealed because that is the best to be done. Eventhough the truth can cause harm, one shall speak the truth. Find the right time and situation. Speak with manners, right tone, right speech, right attitude and speak sweetly. Do it as quickly as possible and do not wait too long. It may save a relationship.


  1. truth - cant be spoken all times. but i will say - better a lie is not said rather not speaking the truth . some time telling not to discuss about the subject at that time gives space and room in a relationship. but many a time we cannot asked this .

    if some one doesnt say the truth - it doesnt mean they want to lie. just at that moment they are not comfortable to speak the truth - but the human mind in so sensitive the other person feels insulted or ignored or as if not respected.

    It is like some time i say - why not we discuss about this latter in a relation ship. it certainly creates a vacuum but some when some one ask to speak the truth we dont think if they are comfortable to speak the at that point of time.

    still a relationship will saved but the people involved in the relationship need the maturity to give space and room to each other. we many a times lack this.

    Dont you agree with me - may be i am speaking no sense - yet to grow you see.

  2. I agree with you. Sometimes, we are left with no choice.

  3. what you say is true...yes at the right time with the right manners....:)

  4. Vishesh, thank you for your visit.