Thursday, April 04, 2013

The moment I mentioned about him
About him coming back into her life for good
I saw her eyes sparkled with excitement
I saw the most enchanting smile on her face
At that very moment I realized
How so deep she is still in love with him
How so painful it is for her
to just let him go
How hurting it is for her
To see him moving on with another girl
I know my friend…….
It is not easy though
Do not worry my friend………
God has a better plan.


  1. Letting go is painful and no easy matter where the love is genuine.Yes,God must have a better plan as there is a hidden purpose in all things big and small.
    Nice to come here after a very long time.

  2. Beautifully pennded the pain as well love! Hope they are back together.

  3. pain well penned

    1. now u can follow my art at

  4. tough times never last,tough people do......

    good care

  5. We don't get to keep every we own, and we don't necessarily get everything we aspire. That makes life a mystery. Whether God has plans or not, I believe we should live in the now, while looking at the plans for the future. The mind has to gradually find way to cross the boundary of physical existence. Well written my friend.