Saturday, February 06, 2010

The cry of her....
heard not by him
the tears of her....
means nothing to him
love is....
no more for her
only hatred is.


  1. sounds like a problem kid and may be thats the only way she knows to gain attention, and love back...needs attention!

    I thought its a child because...grown ups know, hatred is not the way, and can only spread hatred, and gain hatred

    anyway, nice and relevant post, Venus :)
    there are many such girls around me, its hard when the "he" in their lives don't care --be it father or amount of our comforting words ease them,


  2. Maybe if her cries and tears would've meant something to him, she'd still feel love for him.

    Sad poem, but beautiful just the same.

  3. Sometime hatred comes in means of more love to give someone more happiness in some other way (more movies influence in this).

    Things will change for good.