Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You are ......
what you are
I am......
what I am
You are......
what you want to be
I am......
what I want to be
You may lead your own life
I may lead my own life
You need not change for me
I need not change for you
You and I......

can make some adjustment
for adjustment is life
there is no more You and I


  1. 'We' gives a nice feeling...in life, in friendships....but doesn't it irk when you say that fulfillment is an adjustment...I think its love that gives the 'We' feeling its beauty,

    In Love one doesn't have to lose one's identity -- thats what i think and the base is much more strong,

    we have been hearing this adjustment thing so often....that in between the ego begins to play and play havoc...

    anyway, May happiness fill your life each day, Venus :)


  2. Very true Mary. That's how a relationship has to be. Nice to see a poem from you after a long time. :)

  3. Beautiful poems Venus!

    BTW, I'm missing the Venus-style-poems, where the subject is revealed in the end :-)

    Like to read such poems from you, my friend.

    Have a great time...cheers!

  4. So nicely said dear! I think the adjustment comes in means of understand and love, thus it leads a best relationship.

    let happiness forever with you and your family :)