Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The virtue of 'sweetness'

Words are effective when truth is combined with sweetness.
It is usually believed that when we speak the truth, we need to be frank and out spoken. And with this attitude we sometimes tend to become harsh in our words too. We believe that only when we are assertive in this way, will our words be effective. But practically it is found that when our words are without sweetness we find only temporary results.
In order to have lasting effect when we have to give correction to someone we need to take care that there is sweetness in our attitude and voice too. Only then will there be desired effect in the words that we speak and we will find the person bringing about change in herself/himself.
( A step ahead - Brahma Kumaris )

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  1. I seem to be at odds with the ideas of Brahma Kumaris :)...and I beg to differ with this post, Venus

    Why does one think about changing someone....I hate the idea! Primarily because I cannot change myself...I am what i am by nature,
    and would love someone to leave me like that....(open criticism is fine, though)

    And i believe another person would love to be left the same way....

    well, I presume we are talking about adults...children ofcourse needs moulding,