Saturday, September 13, 2008


Tragedy of the past.........
keep haunting me to this very day
though I have tried for years

just to let it go
just to erase from my mind
it keeps coming more and more
only if.......
I was there a little bit early
I would have saved your life
only if.......
I was there a few minutes earlier
you would have listened to me
only if ......
I was there when you needed me the most
I would have helped to change your destiny
only if......
I knew what was in your mind
you wouldn't have ended your life
my so called brother....
left me forever
and here I am
feeling guilty for I had failed to be there
please forgive me my brother
why suicide??:(((((
(May your soul rest in peace)


  1. Did u ever tell me this? Pardon me my fren, I dun remember this story. Its a tragedy , right. I know how it feel to lose someone you care and love. Not easy, especially if it happen this way. Compose yourself my friend and lets pray for the best of all.

  2. I am sorry about it..but compose yourself..nothing is ones hand for destiny guides each one of us

  3. I am so sorry friend. Nothing is in our hands. Take care.

  4. im sorry. ive been seing tragedies alot around us... life has become a mystery we cant solve. peoples expectations, there are many and we never stop to notice or ask about it. Thats life, there is much people hide from us. Bt there is no justice in all this. Our love and connections to the ones we care about is deeper than reasoning.

    God Bless his soul.

  5. This is very sad. My heart goes out to you...and to him.

  6. so sorry to hear this..god is great

  7. It is really sad thinking we could have made a difference to whatever happened. But really, could we change what has been already destined?


  8. Hi friends, thank you so much for your kind visit. Appreciate much.
    Never told you or anyone about this, cyclop. Hidden within me for the past 25 years. I lost a wonderful brother. The worst thing that happened in my life. I regret.

  9. How awful for you and your family - know that he is in a better place now and free from the pain that caused this. I pray that your mind and heart also be relieved of the pain you carry.

  10. RIP.

    Some things are destined dear, cant help it. Feels nice to be back at your page after so long.

  11. Thank you Janice, Dev and Cindy. Appreciate much.

  12. OMG Venus Im crying now. HUGS!

    u cud hv been there for him yes, but like someone else said here, everything happens the way they r supposed to. so dun blame urself Venus.