Sunday, July 06, 2008

It bleeds II

Why should I tell you?
Why are you bothered to know?
”What is your relationship with him?”

“HE” is nobody’s husband and “I”(SHE) is nobody’s wife”
” I feel you are trying to take away my freedom”
” I feel you are trying to control me”
The statements that came from someone that I consider as a friend
The statements that really broke my heart into pieces
An emotional fool I am
Do I deserve those statements?
Just because I asked her “ Why did you say “NO” to me when I asked earlier?

”My dear friend said… was my mistake
Maybe he was right
it was my fault

real blunder
Maybe I expected too much
Maybe I did not think of her situation

Maybe I took her for granted.
Whatever it was……
I did apologise

The scars do bleed sometimes.


  1. Hey.
    Nice poem!
    and whats wid the pictures in your other blog?

  2. sure.
    no problem.
    keep writing!

  3. One can really feel the emotions in this. Powerful poem indeed.

  4. The dark clouds never rest a moment buddy. It always remind us to prepare an umbrella to protect us from rain. One think I learn about relationship is that - it is fragile, very fragile :).

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  6. true relationships form the crux of our lives i beleive..
    lovely post venus..
    thanks for dropping by my blog

  7. Thank you all. Your presence much appreciated. Take care.