Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wishes on your special day dear friend
a friend in need
a friend in deed
you are always there
in my happiness
in my sadness
sharing the good times
and the bad times
you.... a wonderful friend
with so much of care and love
I just could not thank you much
for everything you have done for me
i will always treasure your friendship
and as 20th. January is a special day
i wish you 'Many More Happy Returns Of The Day'
may God Bless you
showers you with lots of love
happiness and good health
love you as always my dear friend.
Special dedication to a dear friend who means a lot to me)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Under the beautiful blue sky
a scent of cool breeze
slowly hits the graceful waves
your romantic gaze
whispers passionate 'Love'
and makes me smile
those tender loving moments
witnessed by the moon
and the galaxy of stars
swearing and promising
to live and die
till the end.
(Specially dedicated to my beloved hubby)